Westfield Leader Archives

Included on this page are links to the Westfield Leader Archives Stories from Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D. from 1999 – 2015. The Westfield Leader is a prestigious privately held publication established in 1890 in New Jersey.


June 2 – Dear Mr. /Mrs. Next President: Who Shall Rule the World? [View]

March 3 – Racism Distortionism Is A National Poison which Needs to Be Confronted [View]

Feb. 4 – Trump, Heraclitus, Parmenides And Something Big [View]

Jan. 14 – Christianity is Weakening, Islam Fervor is Exploding [View]


Dec. 10 – Reader Recalls His First Meeting with Frank Sinatra [View]

Oct. 15 – Pope Francis – You Forgot Purgatory! [View]

Sept. 17 – Melania Trump Brings Back Memories, It was the Potatoes [View]

July 23 – The Constitutionalization of The Supreme Court – A Proposal [View]

June 4 – Universities and Media are Incubators of Political Correctness – Thought Control [View]


Oct. 16 – UNICO Marconi Science Award winner Stephen DeFelice at Columbus Day parade [View]

July 10 – What’s the Skinny on Vegetables, Fruits and Fats? [View]

April 24 – Internet Deluge Controlling Pathways of Our Mind [View]

Jan. 30- Objective Clinical Studies Should Compare Marijuana Against Alcohol [View]

Jan. 9 -Westfield Doctor Asks Should You Take Multivitamins? [View]f

April 4– Dr. DeFelice Recipient of UNICO Marconi Award [View]


Oct. 17 – A Personal Note to Congressman Lance for a National Cure Policy [View]

Sept. 5 – Brazilian Human Termites vs. Westfield Ones [View]

Jan. 10 – High Energy Caffeine Drinks: Risks vs. Benefits [View]


Huge Error on Medicare-Medicaid Cost Projections: Cures Not Factored

June 21 – DeFelice Keynote Speaker – Geneva Vitafoods Nutraceutical Conference [View]

Feb. 23 – Max Drives to Green Bay – Was It Worth the Trip? [View]

Aug. 9 – Ann Romney, One Hundred Ladies, Two Men – and Me [View]


Dec. 22 – When Was the Last Cure? [View]

Sept. 29 – Doxorubicin, Carnitine and Senator Kennedy’s Daughter [View]

March 31 – Congressman Lance, Please Consider Doctornaut Act to Find New Therapies [View]


Sept. 23 – DeFelice’s Book Reminds That Only The Strong Survive by Michael Pollack [View]


April 30 – Ovarian Cancer: A Promising New Clinical Study
By Michael J. Pollack


Feb. 21 – DeFelice: Doctornaut Act is Best Prescription for What Ails Healthcare
By Marylou Morano


June 29 – Westfield’s Dr. DeFelice Answers Age Old Question [View]


Sept. 30 – Frist Lends Support to Doctornaut Act [View]


Sept. 25 – Retirement Isn’t Death Sentence [View]


Nov. 28 – Maestro of Italian Heritage [View]


Jan. 13- Cardiac Cocktail Can Help Deter Heart Disease [View]


Nov. 18 – Westfield Doctor Writes New Book on Heart Disease[View]
– Carnitine Defense Ad