The Carnitine Defense

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by Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D., Rodale Books,
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From the father of nutraceuticals comes the next phase in the war against heart disease… a powerful new elixir of seven natural substances to keep your heart healthy.

Nutraceuticals, natural supplements with proven health benefits, have enormous medical power. Carnitine, an important nutraceutical, increases the body’s use of fat as an energy source, preventing fatty buildup inthe heart, liver, and muscles, and reducing the health risks posed by poor metabolism especially for those suffering from heart disease and diabetes.

Here is the first book by a highly credentialed doctor to celebrate the healing power of carnitine. Dr. DeFelice performed the first clinical trial of carnitine in the U.S., actually coining the phrase “nutraceutical”. The former medical director at Pfizer, Inc., Dr. DeFelice has the most comprehensive knowledge of nutraceutical treatments. And he wants to spread the word. The Carnitine Defense is a program of seven natural substances, including carnitine that, taken correctly, can help your cardiovascular system. Complete with dosages, this is the ultimate book for everyone concerned about the health of their heart.