Old Italian Neighborhood Values

Stephen L. Defelice, M.D., Author House

“Forget the tabloids, this first novel from an M.D. takes a look at the cutting edge of modern American life through the lens of the old Italian neighborhood life.

This is not just a book to be read, but a conversation to drop in on.”

National Italian American Foundation

I found the book extremely absorbing and difficult to put down. There are many fascinating chapters. The style of writing in this book made me feel as if I were at their table having dinner and wishing I were able to join the discussions.

I am now in the process of reading the book again because when I thought I was finished, it pulled me back again. I strongly urge everyone who has ever experienced a family dinner discussion concerning any facet of life to buy this book. It will knock your socks off!

Don V. Perfetti
The Sons of Italy Times