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Translational Science - How Doctornauts Can Help

Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has been one of the leaders in Congress on Translational Science.

Doctornauts Barry Marshall and Lukas Wartman: Living Proof of the Urgent Need for the Doctornaut Act

View the Discussion Draft of the Doctornaut Act Prepared by Former Senator Bill Frist.

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Past Conferences
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The 11th Nutraceutical Conference
Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals Taken Together: A New Health Sector
A New FIM Congressional Proposal: The Nutraceutical Research & Education Act
November 10, 11, 2002
The Waldoff-Astoria, New York City

The 10th Nutraceutical Conference
The Nutraceutical Revolution
(RE: Foods, Dietary Supplements, Medical Foods)
May 20-21, 2002
The Waldoff-Astoria, New York City
It's impact on the food and drug Industries

9th Nutraceutical Conference
The Current Nutraceutical Health Sector & The Next Phase of the Nutraceutical Revolution
The NREA (Nutraceutical Research & Education Act)

February 3-4, 2000
The Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY.
"Cardiovascular Nutraceuticals: Their Proper Role in Health & Medicine"
October 14/15, 1997
The Capital Hilton, Washington, DC
"How to Develop, Make Claims On and Market Medical Foods"
November 20/21, 1996
Hotel Inter-Continental, New York City
"The Need for a Research-Intensive Nutraceutical Industry: What Can Congress Do? (The ClaimsResearch Connection)"
May 9, 1996
Hyatt-Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
"Nutraceutical Update from Washington: DSHEA and Claims"
November 15, 1995
Hyatt-Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
"How to Develop, Make Claims On & Market Nutraceuticals"
May 16/17, 1995
Waldorf-Astoria, New York City
"Nutraceutical R&D - Time to Move Forward?"
November 15, 1994
Waldorf-Astoria, New York City
"Nutraceutical Update: The Impact of the NLEA's Approach to Health & Medical Claims"
September 28, 1993
Waldorf-Astoria, New York City
"A Comparison of U.S., European & Japanese Nutraceutical Health & Medical Claim Rules"
January 13/14, 1993
Waldorf-Astoria, New York City
Proceedings of this conference were published in Regulatory Affairs, Vol. 5, Summer 1993

Natural Substances: When Food, When Drug?
June 24, 1984
This conference was held at the University of Medicine and Dentistry
The Promise and Problems of Natural Substances in Medicine
May 17, 1983
This volume represents the findings of a symposium held at Columbia University. It is the first of a series of symposia which delt with the state of the innovative process in medicine